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Dqot Solutions #1 leading in building AI-powered, scalable fantasy sports apps and web company. With extensive experience in this domain, we deeply understand fantasy sports and what keeps fans engaged. We offer end-to-end fantasy sports app development solutions - from UX design, robust tech architecture to launch and post-launch support. Our sports apps are designed to provide smooth user experience across devices while leveraging latest technologies like AI/ML for predictive analysis. Get in touch with us to bring your fantasy sports platform idea to life!

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White Label Customized Fantasy Sports App Development Company

We specialize in white label fantasy sports app development, offering customized sports software solutions. With our flexible white label platform, startups and businesses can launch their own branded fantasy sports apps and scale operations. Our experienced team can tailor a feature-rich, white label fantasy sports product that aligns with your business goals. We take care of the end-to-end software architecture, UI/UX design, backend admin dashboard,Smooth cross-platform compatibility etc. You get complete ownership of a scalable and robust fantasy sports platform minus the development headache. We also provide post-launch maintenance and support plans to keep your sports app running smoothly. With a proven track record in this domain, DQOT Solutions is your ideal technology partner for white label fantasy sports solutions. Get in touch with us to bring your ideas to reality!

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  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • kabaddi
  • basketball
  • Tennis
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    Our Delighted Customers of Fantasy Sports Leagues App

    At DQOT Solutions, we have developed highly successful fantasy sports apps across cricket, football, kabaddi etc. for leading startups & SMBs in India. Our award-winning apps delight clients by delivering maximum value to tap into this fast-growing market. We take pride in long-term associations with clients by going the extra mile at every stage. Connect with us to become our satisfied customer!


    You'll pick a fantasy game that you like and play it. Appreciate the excitement of sports arranging with My Master 11! Make a group of Cricket, Football or Basketball and Kabaddi in it and lead players against others to win prizes.


    Dzire11 is an exciting place for fans of fantasy sports. It features a straightforward way to utilize numerous different kinds of sports alliances. Individuals say great things about it because of its community associations and well-organized setup.


    Fans of fantasy sports might have a great time at Allstars. It provides an ease to leverage a broad range of sports partnerships. Its linkages to the area and well-thought-out layout have made it extremely popular.

    Fantasy Squad

    You can choose a fantasy game to play. Experience the thrill of organizing athletic activities with the Fantasy Squad platform. Create a group and compete among members to win rewards for your favorite sports.

    Prime Captain

    For those who enjoy fantasy sports, Prime Captain is a fun site. It has an easy method for using a variety of sports alliance types. Its well-organized setup and community ties are the main reasons why people rave about it.

    Tez Khiladi

    You'll choose a fantasy game you want to play and become involved. Savor the excitement of planning sporting events with Tez Khiladi! Gather your players and pit them against one another to earn prizes.

    Convert your App Idea into a Profitable Business?

    Top Rated Fantasy Sports App Development Company in India

    We have the proven expertise to build innovative features like automated drafts, customized scoring systems, real-time data integration, geo-targeting and much more just like giants of industry Dream11 or MyCircle11, draftkings. With robust technology and creative solutions focused on your users, we can design an addictive, smooth and fair fantasy sports experience.

    Why Choose Dqot Solutions For Fantasy App Development?

    Looking for an end-to-end fantasy app development expert? With 5+ years of experience in building highly scalable, secure & feature-rich fantasy sports apps, the DQOT Solutions team has unmatched technical expertise along with deep understanding of sports fan engagement. Our award-winning apps are known for excellent UI/UX design powered by latest technologies like AI/ML for predictive analysis. With robust quality processes & proven methodology, we focus on delivering maximum delight to clients.

    Quality Assured: Elevating Excellence, Every Step

    We don't just talk about being good; it is what we indeed do. With strong checking for quality and following rules, we ensure that every app is top-notch. It meets your expectations excellently and even more.

    On-Time Delivery: Punctuality Personified, Solutions Amplified

    Time is significant, and we respect yours. Our simple processes and hardworking teams work very hard to make sure your app is ready on time when we say it will be. Punctual delivery isn't a goal; it's our unbreakable promise

    Cost-Effective Solution: Affordable Brilliance, Beyond Compare

    Innovation needs to stay in the bank. We mix cleverness with low cost, giving great answers that won't help your money. Our aim? To provide affordable greatness, making amazing apps available to everyone.

    100% Transparency: Clear Communication, Collaborative Success.

    Trust is built on transparency. We not only give you information but also include you. From start to finish, we keep talking clearly with you. This means that you are essential through our work together. Your dream helps us with every move.

    Features We Offer In Fantasy Sports App Development

    Wide Range Of Fantasy Sports Solution

    If you're looking for a company that can create a fantasy sports app for you, look no further than Dqot. We're experts in the field and have years of experience creating successful apps.

    Fantasy Sports App Development Services

    Fantasy Sports App Development

    Our aptitude is in making engaging and fun apps for individuals who cherish fantasy sports. We make a simple Fantasy Sports App API. We let clients connect effectively and get moment updates anytime we need.

    Fantasy Sports Website Development

    Our fantasy sports site improvement administrations give energetic and responsive platforms to upgrade our app experiences. Our solutions center on easy-to-use highlights, a wide range of capacities and work with specific web browsers and devices.

    Fantasy Sports Web App Development

    Our arrangements for making web apps work well on different devices and let individuals utilize them both online and offline effortlessly. We work on creating web apps that adjust to client needs and are like local apps.

    Social Fantasy Sports Apps Development

    Using the group aspect of sports, our answers increase involvement and communication in the fantasy sports world. This makes it fun and friendly, so people love joining in with our sporting hobbies using these programs.

    Fantasy Scoring System Development

    Making scoring systems for particular games is very important to improve experience in fantasy sports—making things concentrate on building correct, fair and exciting ways to score. We change how we achieve to make it match each game.

    Fantasy Sports AR Development

    Using new ideas in fantasy sports, we add Augmented Reality (AR) technology to give users fun and exciting experiences. Our AR methods mix made-up things with natural sports scenes, giving people fun and exciting times.

    Custom Fantasy Scoring System Development

    Our skill is in making custom scoring systems that fit the unique needs of our customers. We learn a lot about various sports to create scoring systems that perfectly match our actions.sports with stuff we use the Internet

    Fantasy Analytics Software Development

    Our program tools utilize advanced analytics to provide you with a full view of fantasy sports. Our computer program gives useful data about groups and players so you can make choices based on reality. stock markets and work on expanding

    Fantasy Data Integration

    Connecting diverse sorts of data is imperative for making fantasy sports way better. We are specialists at combining distinctive data sources, like live amusement stats, player information and news upgrades, into one connected framework.

    Fantasy Sports Augmented Reality Solutions

    Using Augmented Reality (AR) in fantasy sports, we make energizing experiences connecting the online and genuine universes. We alter how individuals are involved by utilizing AR in sports events or intuitive recreations.

    Fantasy Draft App Programming

    We're good at making easy-to-use and quick portraying tools in fantasy sports apps. We work hard to make the drawing process smooth and straightforward for people. Our apps have player rankings, practice drafts, and live updates.

    Fantasy Sports App API

    Making robust Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) is very important to help connections and add features within the fantasy sports world. Our APIs are made to work well, be safe and easy for developers.

    IoT-Based Fantasy Apps

    Making new things, our ideas mix fantasy sports with stuff we use the Internet for. This lets people have a better time playing fantasy sports online, making the experience even more significant. stock markets and work on expanding

    Fantasy Stock Market App Development

    We make apps for fantasy stock markets and work on expanding the world of sports games. These apps give people a fun gaming chance in the money field. we let them pretend to trade stocks.sports with stuff we use the Internet

    Technologies That Are Key To Sucess

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    • Laravel

    • CakePHP

    • MySQL

    • Wordpress


    • NODE.JS



    • React Native

    • Google Api

      Google API

    • Flutter

    • Android Studio

    • Xamarin

    • Ionic

    • XCode

    • Swift

    • Sketch

    • Adobe XD

    • Photoshop

    • Illustrator

    • HTMl 5

    • Css

    • Material Design

    • Sass

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    Searching for a top fantasy sports app development team in India? DQOT Solutions provides creative solutions, ensuring a unique fantasy game app experience.

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    Worried about app upkeep? DQOT Solutions gives full help after a project, ensuring things run smoothly.

    Do you need people to see your fantasy sports app? DQOT Solutions focuses on SEO and digital marketing for sports apps.

    Are you curious about the project timeline? DQOT Solutions emphasizes fast time frames but always retains quality. We make sure things get delivered on time.

    Wondering about essential app features? DQOT Solutions joins live game scores, player stats safely and more.


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